R3 (Re-Training, Re-Furbishing & Re-Cycling)

What we do


We provide Adult Basic Education (ABE) Services in the below areas:

  • English as a second language (ESL)
  • GED Preparation
  • Basic Computer literacy
  • Family literacy

We also provide services in the following areas such as:

  • Refurbish used computers for reusability;
 Refurbished devices to qualified organizations and individuals
  • Recycle un-wanted electronics to keep our communities green
  • Collaborate with established organization to provide needed services to our local communities
  • Help people realize their dream and become more sustainable
  • Working to bridge the digital divide gap

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2638 South Robinson St., Philadelphia, PA - 19142 Tel: (215) 869-7403 E-mail: sokyne@odinitiative.com